Christmas Gift Ideas | Unique Gifts for Sports Fans

Are you having trouble finding unique Christmas gift ideas for a sports fans?  Torn about what to buy?  Well ’tis the time to start searching.  We have compiled a list of unusual or out-side-the-box present ideas for the sports fan in you life.

20 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Sports Fans

1. Check out Thuzio. This company offers hundreds of sports specific experiences such as golfing with 1985 World Series MVP Bret Saberhagen or have lunch with the “Human Highlight Film” Dominique Wilkins.

2. Take a family vacation to watch the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.

 Unique Christmas gift ideas Nacar Driving3. Drive a real Nascar at a Richard Petty Driving Experience.

4. Fantasy Camps. Most professional sports teams hold fantasy camps for inspiring couch quarterbacks. This is one of the most unique Christmas gift ideas, where players can live a dream by playing side-by-side with retired players.

5. World Series, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, or Superbowl tickets. Tickets for these events take luck and sometimes a lot of money but can be an item that can be crossed off a sports fan bucket list.

6. Upgrade to the premium sports subscription using your cable provider. Such as NFL Sunday Ticket.

7. Tickets to watch one of the Major Golf tournaments.   There is four of these prestigious tournaments played each year. The Masters in April, U.S. Open in June, The Open Championship in July (although not played in the United States) and the PGA Championship in August.

8. Take a trip to Boston to support the runners at the Boston Marathon.  Held on the third Monday in April.

9. Get an autograph from their favorite player or players.  Bats and jerseys make great gifts.

10. Find their favorite sports movie and watch it as a family.

11. Tickets to take a tour of their favorite sports venue.

12. Tailgating games such as the bean bag toss and washer toss, sporting their favorite team colors and logos.

13. Personalize their favorite team jersey with their name.

14. One of the most simple unique Christmas gift ideas.  Simply go to a game at their favorite venue.

15. Find sports inspired apps such as MLBAtBat, ESPN College Football, RaceFanUlitmate.

16. Write a special scoreboard message and see it at a game that you attend.

17. Go to one of the Thoroughbred Triple Crown Races at either the Kentucky Derby on the first Saturday in May, Preakness Stakes on the third Saturday in May or the Belmont Stakes in June.

18. Build a gift basket containing team colors, photos, snow globes, tickets, scrapbooks, etc.

19. Watch an Indy Car or Nascar Race in person.

20. Buy a year magazine subscription to the fans favorite team. Most professional teams have their own publications reviewing the latest team news and stories about individual players.

Leave lame behind this season and jump into the most unique Christmas gift ideas for sports fans. Before it’s too LATE!

Add your own unique Christmas gift ideas!

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  1. Molly

    Hello! The gift ideas in this list are well selected, and I
    can tell a lot of creative effort was used to find these gifts.

    It make its real easy to buy a gift. My step cousin is hard to buy for cause his preferences is a tad distinctive,
    but there are one or two gifts here that that he will love for his
    birthday. So thanks for this article. This gift list was
    incredibly useful as my boy seems to be
    collecting too much stuff. BTW it would definitely be nice if a more in depth version of this story
    written. I’d read it any day. Thanks!

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