Nascar Driving Experience | Richard Petty Las Vegas Review

Nascar Driving Experience – Las Vegas

Nascar driving experience Las Vegas

Nascar Driving Experience Las Vegas

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to race Nascar on a professional track?  For a retirement gift, my Dad and I drove over 1500 miles to find out.  The Nascar driving experience at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Simply driving into the speedway will get your engines revving and butterflies fluttering.  Inside the main check-in office, drivers receive their pin cameras for the optional souvenir movie and get fitted for their driving suit.  After a pep-talk from the Nascar driving host, the lights go out and it’s time for the instructional video.  The video instructs drivers on the proper line to take in order to maximize their Nascar racing and when to either accelerate or let off the gas.  There are cones set up on the track at the four turns for reference points for the acceleration.  After the video, let’s go racing! 

Drivers head out to the pits for a quick picture in front of the Richard Petty Nascar racing experience “43” car.  Then head over to the waiting tent for some last-minute instructions, assistant driver meet and greets, and the driver lineup sheet.  Three Nascar racing drivers race at one time.  The rest of the drivers sit and cheer on their fellow drivers. Once it’s time for their turn for the driving experience, drivers may already be experiencing shaky or sweaty hands. They may even have nerves in the pit of their stomach. The anticipation of going 140 miles per hour has set in. No turning back now! The driving experience is upon them. No calling home to Mother.

Nascar Driving Experience – Rookie Package

For the entry level rookie package, drivers get to push the limits for eight laps around the breathtaking, 1.5 mile Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Be prepared. The eight laps will seem like nothing, so be sure to make the most of your track time. Even for the photographer, this experience flew by, quite literally.  These cars are cookin!


Nascar Driving Experience Vegas 43 car

Richard Petty “43” Car at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

After the racing, drop your racing suit into the basket and make your way over to the merchandise trailer. Now, I want to make clear, the merchandise is pushed onto the driver. But, who wouldn’t want the video of their Nascar driving experience? The video will run around $100 and if you want the photo plaque next to the Richard Petty car, it will be an additional $65. So, round trip with the driving, the movie and the plaque, you could be $665 poorer. Just a little prep for the sticker shock. After all is said and done, though, the experience is well worth the money, if you have a little extra dough.

This driving experience is a perfect option for someone looking for a unorthidox bachelor or bachelorette party, retirement or birthday gift, or for someone just looking for an adrenaline rush.  Book the ultimate Nascar experience through the official Richard Petty Driving Nascar Racing site.

Have questions about Petty Driving experience or Las Vegas? Please use my contact page and I can help answer those questions.

This video is what you can expect during your driving experience. It is also the optional video to purchase when you are done.

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